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Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety Counseling in India

Anxiety Counseling in India are gained huge success in treating patients from anixety. Approximately every seventh person in India is suffering from mental diseases and anxiety. In 2017, approximately 4.5 crore Indian people were suffering from anxiety disorder diseases. This can occur due to any reason.

  • Anxiety disorder at the working place of a project, completion, payments, deadlines and meetings with clients .
  • Anxiety disorder at school during homework, examination, projects and sports.
  • Financial Stress. 
  • Matters in personal Relationships. 
  • Stress due to an emotional trauma like the death of your loved one.
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These are all problems that can suffer with anyone, but most of the persons with unnoticeable symptoms of losing someone or any other incident lead to anxiety, depression and many other mental disorders. In fact, in urban areas, approximately one out of every four persons is suffering from these mental conditions. And when these incidents happen, it causes such problems, but instead of the proper treatment people are rushing to pubs, bars, breath gurus, and of course babas and saints for the solution. People suffering from such conditions even didn’t realize that they are suffering from anxiety diseases. It is a simple, confusing, strangeful and emotional battle which starts with a little problem, in which the person has a feeling of something which bothers him/her and gradually becomes such a wild thing that a person will feel a single wrong thing can build the world to fall apart. The person also faced certain difficulties breathing, speaking and thinking clearly. According to Anxiety Counseling in India, the smallest fear and mistake of an individual becomes their evil. They start losing control of their mind and panic , and they will face that nothing is going to be fine, ever.

How to know if the person is suffering from an Anxiety Disorder?

Almost every individual faces fear, doubts and stress at particular times, and those feelings will overwhelm him/her. The body of the person responds by increasing their heart rate in such situations, sudden perspiration and sometimes a person feels a knot in their stomach. However, if the body of a person doesn’t take  rest and relax after the scary situation, it surely can be the impact of anxiety disorder.

In anxiety disorder, the symptoms are perceived from threatening rather than an immediate threat. The most common symptoms find by Anxiety Counseling in India at the period of anxiety disorder are:-

  • ·         Panic Disorder: The patient will face normal panic attacks. They will feel heart pounding, less breathing and choking.
  • Phobias:Anxiety on high level in situations are small spaces, social gatherings and leaving their own house. They will suffer from nausea, sweating, and trembling.

  • OCD:Person can have fear of germs and they may do an activity such as washing their hands many times.
  •   Post-traumatic stress disorder: Person who faces any serious trauma in life suffers from this anxiety. The symptoms are sleeping disorders, panic attacks and constant worries.
  • General Anxiety: Person will face constant anxiety and it has no particular cause.

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How Anxiety Disorders Affect the Person define by Anxiety Counseling in India?


Anxiety is highly associated with behavioural changes and mental disorders, but it can also have other serious issues on the physical health of a person. Anxiety Counseling in India finds the problems happen due to anixety.

  • ·         Headaches: Frequent headaches happen with constant worries and stress will also occur.
  • Breathing problems:Anxiety can impact rapid and shallow breath. The symptoms feel more intense when people are suffering from a panic attack.
  • Pounding heart:Palpitations in the heart are increasing heartbeat rapidly and more intensely..
  • Ache in several muscles: Anxiety isn’t only mental. The person can also experience unknown headaches and pains.
  • Extreme fatigue:Anxiety will make the person feel exhausted throughout the day. They may also face sleeping disorders at night.

·      Mentally:

Anxiety is more than realizing being stressed and worried. It is tough to catch, but with the right suggestion from Mind it can help you to deal with things better. The mental disorders, which a person will face in the anxiety situations are:

  • The Person will Feel tense, nervous and not able to  get relax. 
  • The Person will Feel that he can’t stop to him/herself to worry about the things , and the person stop worrying bad things will happen to him/her. 
  • The person will Worry about the anxiety itself, for eg- the person starts worrying at the time of panic attacks. 
  • Rumination like person start thinking about their bad timings again and again. 
  • A person will start Worrying about a lot of things which can happen to them in future.

Work-life or Career:

Anxiety will also have a great impact on the job of the person . They can drop down a promotion and opportunity if it includes public speaking and meetings; they start making excuses for not going to office parties,lunch with staff, not able to meet deadlines  and various other problems such as:

  • They face difficulty in working with their colleagues and clients. 
  • They face trouble concentrating on their assigned tasks. 
  • Preoccupation increases their  fear instead of making them focus towards their tasks. 
  • People with anxiety are not able to give presentations. 
  • They can’t even cooperate with their juniors and other staff members. 

How Anxiety Counsellor  helps the patient?

After analysing the physical and mental health and career related problems of Anxiety, the person must  realize that it is not easy to put it away. A person probably requires proper treatment for getting rid of anxiety disorders .

According to the experts, anxiety counselling is the best option for getting rid of it. The counsellor ensures identifying  the underlying impacts and provides treatment for them.

As we know, there are many negative stigmas connected to such therapies. Meeting with an online anxiety counsellor at Mind it will surely help you, we take foremost the person’s privacy as well as confidentiality. The therapist at Mind It will help you in:

o    Help in understanding the condition of an individual in different scary situations and identifying the patterns. 

o    Help the person to  understand their symptoms better. 

o    helps in identifying the triggering paths. 

o    Make an entire recovery plan which includes various types of therapies.

What anxiety counselling therapies are giving?

After getting the problem, the therapist will begin one or more therapies in the treatment of a person.

CBT for anxiety :

Under Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the counsellor can manage the direction of what a person thinks and behaves. It is one of the best therapies to treat various mental problems like  anxiety disorders. The therapist will break the person’s  problems into smaller parts for easy management. And the person will learn the methods of dealing with those issues effectively.

Exposure therapy for anxiety:

Mostly, a person avoids those  issues and situations which can make him/her anxious, and puts him/her in a certain type of barrier. Moreover, in this therapy, the person will learn the methods for facing the things which make them anxious, and the therapist initially talks about them, and then later confronts them. This therapy will help the person to overcome their fears.

Other therapies:

Aparting from these formal therapies, the person would be advised to perform things like:

  • Exercise: Exercise is not only performing the sudden arduous workouts . A stroll in a day and some of the short exercises in a day will help the person to get rid of such diseases. 
  • Mindfulness: Person can sit relax and do meditation for a certain period of time . He or she should Concentrate on different surroundings. A person should count to 10 if he or she faces any fear.


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According to Anxiety Counseling in India, OCD disorder is a mixture of unreasonable thinking and fear which leads a person to perform things repeatedly and he or she is suffering from repetitive behavior. This type of obsessions and compulsions affect the daily routine of a person and cause distress. 

More than one person makes him try to stop and ignore  such obsessions, as the more it increases, it causes anxiety and distress. In the end, the person is required to perform compulsive actions to ease his/her stress. The bothering thoughts and urges keep coming back and later it turns into a vicious disease of OCD. 

A common example of OCD is- A fear from containment germs in which a person starts washing his/her hands several times and uses a sanitizer in a continuous motion. A person feels very embarrassed and shyed in these types of situations, moreover, OCD treatment can overcome this problem.

OCD Symptoms:

The OCD symptoms involve two things, first compulsions and the second is obsessions. But a person who is suffering from OCD can only face a single symptom. It is not necessary that a person will feel his/her obsessions and compulsions are very excessively  and unreasonably. Moreover, after a duration of time, a person starts affecting their daily routine and activities.

Obsession Symptoms:

A person who is suffering from OCD obsessions are facing certain issues like repeating things, unwanted thoughts, images and urges which can impact anxiety and distress. The person may try to get over them by doing and remembering something different. These obsessions are:-

  • Fear of germs and dirt: In this obsession, the person is facing fearful touches from objects which are already touched by other people. 
  • Needing perfect and symmetrical things: In this obsession, a person has a behaviour of  keeping things at the place in symmetrical order and they can’t tolerate any un-orderly placing of things.
  • Terrifying thoughts of harming yourself and others: The person may experience thoughts and images revolving in their mind of hurting themselves and other persons whom they don’t want and make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Unwanted thoughts of sex and religious objects, etc.: In this obsession, a person Feels stressed about unpleasant sexual thoughts and images coming to mind.

Compulsion Symptoms:

Compulsion symptoms usually happen with repetitive behaviors which a person wants to perform and can’t stop himself from pushing without doing them. These repetitive acts give them relief from the anxiety disorders of urges such as, if they feel something bad will happen, they start repeating things to forget it . Generally, simple examples are:-

  • Cleaning and washing: A person make their habit of Washing hands until their skin becomes raw. 
  • Counting: A person want to Count some unusual patterns.
  • Checking: They get a continuous habit of Checking the things, like doors whether they are locked or not many times, and checking the stove whether the flame is off or not multiple times.
  • Symmetries and perfect orders: They become a habit of placing things in a perfect manner.
  • Strict routine following: They start adopting a hard core routine and unnecessary discipline.

If  a person is experiencing any of these symptoms, then they should go for the treatment, before they get these symptoms worse than before. If a person is looking for the Obsessive Compulsive disorder treatment in Gurgaon , then Mindit is amongst the best options where an individual can be given the treatment by certified and experienced therapists.

Effects of OCD Habits and Compulsions:

The person who is suffering from OCD can’t get back from their fears and obsessions which are related to the compulsions. Here, we are going to discuss the habits and their effects one by one on a person:-


  •   Habit: If the person is facing fear of getting dangerous germs, then he or she will wash their  hands until their skin becomes raw and also start avoiding shaking hands with others or touching them. 

Effect: This compulsion will affect the social relationships of a person and also the person will consume his/her maximum time in washing hands.

  •   Habit: If they get in the habit of Checking the doors to make sure themselves that they are locked or not. 

Effect: If the person will continue checking if the doors are locked or not, then they would be unable to relax peacefully in their routine. 

  •    Habit: If a person had start thinking the thought of hurting some other person in a traffic incident. 

Effect: Even if the person doesn’t want to hurt someone, he or she can accidentally do it, and it can also degrade their reflex actions.

  •   Habit: Can’t tolerate if their objects are not at a suitable place in an orderly manner. 

Effect: This can affect the social relationships of a person with other persons, who are not so perfect.

  •   Habit: Constantly starts cleaning their floors and using sanitizer after each physical contact.

Effect: This can affect their health and even their social relationships.

Causes of OCD:

Well, there is no serious reason for causing OCD. But, Some of the reasons could be:

  1.   Biological Factors: The body’s chemistry and brain functions can be changed.
  2.   Genetic Factors: It  has no confirmation, but OCD can happen because of genetic factors.
  3.   Environmental Factors: Infections happen due to environmental factors.

Are you looking for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment in  Gurgaon?

The OCD treatments can highly overcome the above- discussed symptoms. The best counselling sessions and medicines, both are required for treatment. Moreover, doctors always considered the minimal use of medicines in any treatment. Therefore, they took out counseling sessions more than medicines in the treatment. These counselors are certified and experts in such conditions and always give the suitable solutions. They may even given certain therapies to the patient at the time of treatment such as:

Psychological Counseling: Psychological counseling is an effective method for treating OCD diseases. In this counseling, the counselor gives some of the best therapies to the patient during his sessions are:

  1.   Cognitive Behavioral therapy: This therapy is based on those facts in which disruptive thoughts and cognitions start to maintain harmful obsessions of a person. In cognitive therapy, the therapist starts examining the thinking patterns of the patient and the therapist later comes up with the solutions which are suitable for a person for these thinking patterns.
  1.   Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy: Under ERP therapy, the therapist gives exposures to a person in a condition in which they are obsessed and asks them to not perform the compulsions. It appears very weird but direct exposure to the person’s fears results to a fewer and lesser obsessions.

At Mindit which gives the best Anxiety Counseling in India, be give the best obsessive compulsive disorder treatment to the person in Gurgaon. As Mindit have, a talented and certified team of therapists  who are highly experienced in serving this type of counseling sessions and therapies to the patients. They minimize the usage of medicine during the treatment and include counseling sessions for effective treatments. 

If you are searching for the best Obsessive Compulsive Disorder treatment in Gurgaon, you can surely consider Mindit on your list.