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Parenting Counseling in India

We all become parents one day and we all consider parenting as a gift by nature itself. As per Parenting Counseling in India, We all want to enjoy being a parent, because we see baby’s smiles which are incredibly beautiful, we hear babies laugh and it melts our hearts which is more beautiful than anything. For new parents though, sometimes they feel like things aren’t going in their direction with their child. We sometimes realise that the child is becoming very aggressive and the child is becoming difficult. But it is hardly possible that it is the child’s fault because babies are very sensitive and they do not even know what is best and worst for them. Most of the time, it is the fault of parents. As many parents aren’t experienced and have no ability to be ready for such beautiful responsibilities. This is the major reason for a person’s sudden change in life for their child’s presence.
Due to the fact most of the parents are not completely ready for the child’s responsibilities. Sometimes, pressure and the stress levels are always disturbing parents internally. As per the Chanyaka Nitti, childhood can be described and expressed in three main phases of years. In the first four years – The babies belong to his/her Mother, In the next four years – The babies belong to his/her Father, Finally, In the next four years – The babies belong to him/her.

First-Four Years

In the first four years, even the psychologists recommend that this is the period of time where the child needs his/her mother most as she teaches everything to the baby. This teaching is the lesson which will later carry by the kids forward for the coming years. In a few cases, even throughout adult life. Currently, if the mother reacts aggressively to her child or is short-tempered in nature then there is a strong possibility that her child will also gain this and act the same for many times of his/her life. As per Parenting Counseling in India,During these first four years the whole family must work together to make sure that the mother is not stressed and disturbed. The family should actively work together for maintaining the peace and the stability needed for the child.

Next-Four Years

During these four years, the child needs his/her father a lot as he or she learns everything from the father and other adult males in the family. Here, the father is everything in front of his child, what the child obtains. 

So, in the case if the father is behaving aggressively and stressed, and if he has any type of addiction, the child may also learn such things from him and follow it forward in his/her coming years.


There are various documented cases filed in the police stations, where the father is addicted to a drinking problem, and even later when the father has gained control over the addiction and stopped drinking, the child may have learned the same drinking habit. 

The father in these years, is the developer of this habit and should be the only person to help his child as well. So, it is necessary that parents should avoid any negative addictions, bad habits and aggression around the child. This nature of a parent helps the child to develop as a better, kindful and involved individual.



Between Eight to the Twelfth Year

As per Parenting Counseling in India, During this time, the child learns everything from the peers around him and the friends he or she is having. This is a period of years where the child will apply all the things which he had learnt from his/her Father and the Mother in the past years and mix it with all the things which he or she learns from the friends and even the school where they attend. 

This period is especially crucial for the child as the child is aware of experiments with various different social and personal aspections of his/her life. In this way, they start developing their roots. This period is well-managed by the parents with their positive behaviour and suggestions which are actually specific for their child. They required a friend more than a parent at this period .


If Parents are careful and disciplined, they can easily help their child a lot in their development of their future. Here, we are going to use an example of Rawana. As we all know, Rawana was very intelligent and talented but even then we call him a Rakshasa. So why does Rawana behave like a Rakshasa given and how capable he was?


We all know his history that his Mother was a Rakshasi whereas his father was a saint. He learned his Rakshasa skills from his mother whereas his father teaches him the best education. Mixing both of his parents and his own aspections, he became an intelligent person who acts like a Rakshasa. 


In the end, we are required to give the child the right path for their future and it has the proactive responsibility for the whole family together.