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Bipolar Disorder in India

Bipolar Disorder Counseling in India

What is bipolar disorder?

As per Bipolar Disorder Counseling in India, Bipolar disorder is also called manic depression. It is a mental disorder in which a person is suffering from high mood swings and emotional highs and lows. The emotional highs involve  mania and hypomania and emotional lows involves depression.


If a person is suffering from depression,then he or she starts feeling unhappy and is also losing their hopes and interest in their life. In the stage of mania and hypomania, a person feels euphoric, greatly energetic and irritable. These types of mood swings can affect a person’s body for sleeping, energy, thinking and behavior. Here we are going to discussed mania and depression in detail:

Mania: According to the study of Bipolar Disorder Counseling in India, the person at the stage of mania in bipolar disorder, it includes unnecessary extra energy and activity. The people who are suffering from the mania disorder face daydreaming and racing thoughts. The person feels a very low requirement for sleep, faces difficulty in concentration and many more. Let’s discuss some of its symptoms in detail…

Symptoms of Mania

  •  Highly energetic- At the stage of mania, a person faces a very great level of energy. For example- A person will start performing multiple activities continuously and will not finish it.
  • Feeling of over exhilaration- A person is feeling highly joyful and exhilarated which is one of the most common symptoms of mania disorder.
  • Inflating self-esteem- An inflated self-esteem is not only feeling more confident but it is more than that of it.As per Bipolar Disorder Counseling in India,it includes a very great level of self importance and an unusual feeling of superiority. Extremely, a person experiences that he Or she has supernatural powers through which he or she can do anything impossible.

  • Daydreaming or racing thoughts- Daydreaming and racing thoughts are the prime most symptoms in the case of mania disorder. It has constantly changing thoughts as well as ideas.
  • Difficulties in sleeping- In mania disorder, the person faces trouble sleeping. In fact, a person who is suffering from mania can awake continuously for 24 hours or can only sleep for 3 to 4 hours.




In the condition of mania, the person feels heavenly joyful, whereas in depression the symptoms are just opposite of it. Thus, if a person is continuously feeling sad and miserable for more than 15 days, then he or she has 80% chances of suffering from depression. According to Bipolar Disorder Counseling in India, The most common symptoms of depression are:


  • People don’t like to go anywhere outdoors.
  • People are Unable to focus and concentrate on their work.
  • People are Keeping themselves isolated.
  • People Can’t focus on their studies or work.
  • People are unable to enjoy the usual things.
  • People are experiencing Constant feelings of disappointment, guilt, sadness and unhappiness.
  • People are also facing physical symptoms like tiredness, sleeping disorders, sickness and gaining weight.

For knowing more about depression, Moreover, if it is not treated properly, bipolar disorder can become a lifelong problem. The treatment for bipolar disorder involves counseling and medications by best counsellors. However, according to the doctors counseling is one of the best options, if we compare it to the medicine treatments.

The bipolar disorder that occurs has not yet been clearly identified by the doctors. Few of the most possible causes of bipolar disorder are:


  •  Genetic Factors- If the person’s parents and siblings are suffering from bipolar disorder, then they may also have a chance to be affected by it. Moreover, this case is not 100% sure.
  • Biological Factors- If a person has any abnormality in the structure of the brain, then it can surely cause this disease.
  •  Environmental Factors- The natural environmental factors would be the big reason for bipolar disorder. These would be:

 Extreme level of stress, Past trauma experiences and  Physical sickness. 


Bipolar disorder tests:

There are numerous bipolar disorder tests which are included in its diagnosis. These are:

  •  Physical Tests: The doctor firstly takes a physical test of a person, a person may also be given the order of urine and blood tests, for determining if he Or she faces any other cause of the symptoms.
  •  Mental health examination: Thereafter, the person may be ordered to consult with the best psychologist and psychiatrist. These persons are experts for such treatments, diagnosing and conditions like bipolar disorders.
  •   Keeping Mood Journal: If the examined symptoms of an individual results in bipolar disorder, then the doctor will advise him/her to focus on a journal of their mood changes. It can also involve sleeping and eating patterns of a person.



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Bipolar disorder treatment:

Bipolar disorder treatments involve medications, therapies, and life related activities. Moreover, medicine is not the only option for such effective  treatments. A patient must always be taken less medical treatments and more counseling and therapies by best counsellors. 

Counseling Treatment:

Counseling treatment includes sessions taken by certified and experienced therapists and counsellors who do certain therapies during these  treatments. There are two most important types of therapies followed by a counselor are:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- This is a kind of  therapy which involves. The therapist will talk to the person to manage their mood disorders, and he or she will understand their thinking patterns. Generally, the main aim of this therapy is for changing  the thoughts of a person which is very effective for bipolar disorder diseases. In a best treatment, the patient understands from the therapies for getting aware of the triggers and then the best management for them effectively.
  •  Family-focused Therapy- These counseling sessions help the person and their loved ones to understand bipolar disorder, and know the best management for it. In fact, the family members of the patient get to know the warning signs of the mania and depressive episode. It helps the patient for better bonding with their family members.
  • Interpersonal and social Therapy- This therapy will help the person regulate their daily habits like eating, sleeping,walking and exercising, which can manage the disorder of a person. In this therapy, the patient knows the skills to protect himself against future consequences. The patient also gets to know what triggers and worsen their health.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Gurgaon:

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Bipolar disorder symptoms:

There are various related bipolar disorders symptoms, like if a person is experiencing hypomania and depression. The random changes in the mood and behavioral changes of a person can surely cause such problems in life. Hypomania is especially connected to the Bipolar II disorder, it is similar to mania but less severe to it. In this, people only feel changes in their mood but it doesn’t affect their daily routine in the commercial sectors like school, offices and social relationships.

The females, moreover, faces various different symptoms than males, they face:

  •         A woman experienced a mild stage of mania.
  •         Women feel more depression than mania.
  •         They experience diseases like thyroid disease, migraines, obesity and anxiety disorders.

Types of Bipolar Disorder:

There are three types of bipolar disorder are:

  •    Bipolar I
  •    Bipolar II
  •    Cyclothymia

Let’s discuss these all bipolar disorders linewise:

Bipolar I

In bipolar I disorder, the person faces at least a single manic episode. It affects both males and females equally. The person may face hypomania and other depressive instances after manic disorders.

 Bipolar II

In bipolar II disorder, a person may face a depressive mode which can last up to minimum 2 weeks. The hypomanic occurrence stays for nearly four days. It is a more common cause in womens as compared to mens. 


In Cyclothymia, a person may face hypomania and depression. Generally, when we compare bipolar I and bipolar II, the symptoms are fewer and less severe in case of cyclothymia. The occurrences takes place nearly every month more than two.

Bipolar disorder causes:

Anger is a most powerful reaction which can cause due to the feelings of hopelessness, hurting, annoyance and despairing. It may be a good and bad thing,as per the situation and depends upon the person how they expressed it. It is a good thing when it motivates a person to get solutions to their problems.

But, it is a bad thing when a person expresses excessive anger, then it can increase the blood pressure of the person and cause various physical changes to him. These can make it hard to think about something directly and harm mental and physical health.Anger is a most powerful reaction which can cause due to the feelings of hopelessness, hurting, annoyance and despairing. It may be a good and bad thing,as per the situation and depends upon the person how they expressed it. It is a good thing when it motivates a person to get solutions to their problems.