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We all are very focused towards our career but sometimes we are confussed what to perform and how? If you are facing the same then you are at right place, we mindit gives best Career Counseling in India. We all know that a career is a very important part of achievement in a person’s life which just about all of us who are always working towards even at the future stages of life. A basic known fact about a person’s career is that it doesn’t begin after the completion of their education. Instead of this, it begins the moment when parents start focusing on their child’s future. This can be better for a moment in a conversation if parents discuss their baby’s future before his/her birth. Not a perspective, we have heard or can even recommend it before, right? From all of our collective analyses, this is true.
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According to Career Counseling in India a simple way to discuss the good future is having a fun conversation between mothers and fathers in which almost all of us heard saying “My child will be a doctor. “or maybe their child wanted to be a pilot. At many times these happen at the different stages of the child’s life where the child is not aware of anything best about him/her and even he/she cannot figure out what toys they like the most. Everything a parent is supposed to do for the child’s future leads to build up emotionally and mentally over time and which may result in stressful outcomes from the parents’ side.
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As we know very well, children are very perceptive. The perceptiveness of children helps them to understand things more easily and even picks up on the stressfulness of their parents. This stress which the parent innocently puts on the child and sticks with the child. Sometimes, they do this throughout their children’s life. We all know that the majority of the children could do right by their parents, and this could mean that the child will follow their goals and achievements in career paths too, which were fixed and set by the Parents. The path to a career can lead them to finding a right place where they have a simple and content life but sometimes, children will analyse that they also have their own personalities and skills organised with those personalities. A career not chosen by children, while they are suppressing their own nature, which can very easily lead them to dissatisfaction and in some cases it leads to depression.

Why do parents supposed their children to suffer? Why do parents not foresee the struggle?

Well, to be honest, Parents could but they need to have an open mind thinking about their children and their future. Children are amazing. 

Children are individuals, who have a lot to give to our world. If children,not suppressed, they always have immense potential in their own special and unique skills. As parents, We all need to focus on the uniqueness of our child as their uniqueness is the only thing which tightly holds their real and most explosive skills.


Yaa, it is also possible that most of the parents have already analysed all of these beautiful skills, right? Parents are the only individuals who know their child better than anyone but do all parents teach their child what is best ? Do all parents tell them how to start their journey? Do they tell them what is more important than the destination? 

By that, we all know that the achievements and the goals are good but even that we shouldn’t be the focus for a child. A child who has strong and positive emotions towards his/her path can lead to their goals easily. They will definitely reach their goals but they can enjoy their  journey too.

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What do Parents think, can they prepare themselves for the desired careers of the child? The short answer is – Yes. Every parent can prepare themselves for their child’s future.. The question is “How?”


Let’s make things more interesting with a well-known example from our ancient era. This is an example of king Chandragupta Maurya. We know Chandragupta Maurya to be fed as of non-princely and non-warrior ancestry, he was born to be of humble commoner birth but even then, he was the king.