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Child Therapy Support

Child Therapy Support

Our Platform, Mindit is the best Child Therapy Support in India which is very much aware that parents have to juggle work from home timings with domestic life. They are parenting their young kids, especially in these testing periods. I know it gets exhausting, difficult and overwhelming. Shall we lend a helping hand?You can select from a series of our individualized programs which are customly fit for you as a parent and your child.
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Neupro-Developmental is a term which is concerned about the effects of children’s behavior, their attention, level of activities done by them, speech, memory and cognitive function. Learning and academic terms are concerned with the affect of children’s ability to read, write or learn, remember, comprehension and math skills.

Other Changes

Behavioural & Emotional Behavioral and emotional terms are concerned with the affect of children’s ability for regulating their emotions and behaviors, to be noncompliant with authorities, low frustration tolerances, disruptive and anxious. Social & Interpersonal Social and interpersonal terms are concerned with the affect of children’s ability for healthy interactions, friendships, dealings with bullies and poor self-worths.
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One-to-One Counselling

We have qualified care access for  improving the employee’s well being  that is, one-to-one employee assistance. Get immediate assessment towards our specialized professionals for making the corporate an emotionally healthy workplace.

  1. 40 minutes E-counseling session for decoding the root cause of employee’s several mental conditions and health concerns.
  2. Support for a range of solutions includes Emotional Regulation, Work-Life Balance, Development, Bias Correction, Distressing Concerns & Trauma and Abuse
  3. Each conversation is 100% confidential and personalized which allows each and every individual to feel more comfortable and safe..
  4. Secured virtual counseling such as text, telephones, video conferences . We have our own application and encrypted software for such platforms.
  5. Monthly reports aiding corporations for making decisions  to fulfill and support the employee’s satisfaction and  motivation.
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