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Our Therapist

Dr. Priyanka Ahir

  • B.H.M.S, CNYS, Psychological Counselor

  • Practice/Approaches
    1)person-centered therapy
    4)Self Analysis & Awareness
    5) Behavioural therapy.
    6)Application Homeopathic Remedies and Bach Flower Remedies If Needed

    Work with: Individual & group sessions

  • Specialties:
    Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Stress, Phobias, Work-life balance, Dissatisfaction with life, career confusion, career shift, Self- esteem issues, Relationship issues, Academic difficulties, Anger management, Grief, pornography addiction, social media addiction, conflicts with parents, lack of motivation, loneliness, personality development, difficulty in communication, overthinking, jealousy, social isolation, procrastination, Self Doubt, Difficulty In Focusing, Self Doubts,
    Physical Elements also be considered during counseling sessions and prescription of remedies accordingly

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