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Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder

As per Eating Disorder Counseling in India, Eating disorders define a mixture of behavioral conditions which impacts severe and persistent eating habits. These severe diseases include distressing thoughts and emotions. Some of the eating habits are also causes which are difficult and impossible to manage. These conditions can cause serious consequences for the social, physical, and psychological health of a person. 

Most eating disorders occur  alongside the other psychiatric disorders like mood swings and anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and alcohol plus drug abuse addictions. There is some evidence suggesting that genetics and heritability are also a factor of being causing eating disorders in some individuals. Moreover, these disorders will also affect some individuals without a family history. 

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In an easy manner, eating disorders are mental disorders which require treatment. If a person is not treated properly, he or she is very harmful to his/her body. Eating Disorder Counseling in India by Mindit addressed the psychological, behavioral, and medical disorders. These can be occured by malnutrition, purging behavior and other potentially fatal disorders. If a person has irregular eating habits and is binging on food, then he or she can take eating disorder counseling at Mindit.

Types of Eating Disorder

  • Binge Eating: It is referred to as extreme and overeating. The person in this condition eats excessive food in less time. They experience things like they don’t have the ability to manage the food, how much they should eat and when to stop. Binge eating is chronic and it leads to many health complications, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and other other serious diseases. The counselor uses cognitive behavioral psychotherapy to the treatment of this disorder.
  • Bulimia Nervosa: It is a mixture of binge eating and purging. An individual will face a binge eating episode due to guilt and shame. For not  getting overweight from the binge, they will resort to extreme measures. They may use laxative techniques and even vomit to keep food from escaping. They may also start reducing their calories by excessive fasting and workout. People with Bulimia can be experienced to underweight, normal weight, overweight and even obese. It impacts rarely, but potentially fatal complications.Esophageal tears or gastric problems, and cardiac arrhythmias are some of its complications. Mindit eating disorder treatment also involves outpatient cognitive behavioral therapy to treat this diseases.

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  • Anorexia Nervosa: Extreme food restrictions are the result of this nervosa. Bulimia is a type of extreme food restriction, whereas Anorexia is the fear of gaining too much fat and being overweight. People who are dangerously slim will also feel that they are overweight even if they are slim. There are two types of anorexia,let’s discuss both of them:
  1. Restricting Type: This is the very common type. People are trying to lose weight by eating less food. For reducing the calories they have eaten less and they may also work out regularly.
  2. Purging/Binge-eating Type: This is the second type in which a person may restrict their diet. They may also have the timings of binging and purging. This person feels like they are suffering from Bulimia and will likely be thin and underweight.

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    These both types can lead to serious medical complications which can be life threatening. It involves heart rhythm abnormalities, especially in those persons who vomit and have laxatives, kidney problems and seizures. Our association will make a nutritional plan to help those persons who suffer from anxiety related to eating and practicing consumption of a balanced variety of foods of different calorie meals over the daily spaced meals. 

    Anorexia, It does not include any obsessiveness regarding weight. It is a condition in which a person refuses to eat their meals because they don’t like the taste, texture and smell of it. A person could also build ARFID if they recalled a traumatic event like choking and vomiting.

    • Pica: This is a rare disorder. A person suffering from pica sometimes eats  those substances which aren’t food. These substances can impress people because of their texture, look or taste. It may be self-soothing to eat these substances. Pica is more common in certain human beings  , such as pregnant womens, small kids and adults who have problems of iron deficiency.
    • Rumination: It is the compulsive over intake  of meals. It is caused when a person overeats and eats more than normal . After vomiting the  food, a person may chew and swallow the food again, or they may spitting the food out. For rumination to be found , symptoms are not a sign of a medical condition such as a sad and unhappy stomach.

     Treatment for ARFID by our association includes an individualized plan and various experienced specialists, which includes a mental health professional counsellor, a verified dietitian nutritionist and others.

    Why Seek Eating Disorder Counselling?

    Anorexia and Bulimia will recommend to the person that weight loss is the single way for happiness. The person’s worth is determined by their looks and appearance. Real happiness and self esteem power can only be gained when the person loves themselves as they are. Recognizing that the person has an eating disorder is the prime step for recovery. 

    It can be tough for the person admitting that he or she is suffering from an eating disorder. Even if the person realizes this isn’t true, it can still be tough to let go of earlier habits. The good news is that an individual can still learn the behavior they have learned. Any person can suffer from an eating disorder. 

    Moreover, it is possible to be better for a person. It’s not about giving up their unhealthy eating habits. This is about searching for new ways for dealing with emotional pain, rediscovering their true self beyond their appearance, image, eating habits and body weight. Our verified eating disorder psychologist will help the person to get rid of any problem related to their bad eating habits. Set up the intake session today – it’s speedy, easy and convenient. Call us today for the best disorder treating facilities. 


    Where To Start by Eating Disorder Counseling in India?

    People who are suffering from eating disorders will feel reluctant to discuss with other people about what they’re going through. If a person suspects a problem, he or she may feel ashamed and embarrassed that they have it under management, which can develop seeking help difficult. Fear is a big part of the way eating disorders work, and even if the person needs help, they may be scared of taking the other step.

    Recovery can mean dynamic  eating behaviors which can be a terrifying prospectus for a human being suffering with an eating disorder. Whereas, this can be experienced dauntingly, the focus of recovery is to fight with the fear and again achieve a healthy relationship between food and themselves. 

     Whether the condition is more recent or the person has been dealing with it for a second, the person deserves support and recovery which is possible. Our mental healthcare verified specialists and eating disorder psychologists can provides psychological therapy.