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According to Fear And Phobia Counseling in India, Phobia is not a Death which a Man should fear, But he must fear never beginning to Live.” – Marcus Aurelius Why do we have fear of something? What is phobia? Fear and Phobia is a mental state of the human mind that happens because of uncontrolled awareness. But, Fear is known and phobia is unknown.
The fear which you know can be controlled easily. For example, we all are scared of wild animals like the lion, so we avoid going to their places or in front of it. However, we all have some certain unknown fears like some people afraid of lift, fear of planes, fear of height, water and fire etc. Some people have public fear, stage fear and study fear etc.
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For easy understanding, Let us discuss the example of lift. We all know very well that a lift is made as per take care of safety. We also know that we will not face any problem inside a lift. We have even watched the people entering and coming out of the lift very safely. Still, because of an unknown fear, we just fear entering the lift. Why is it so? We know that every person has some kind or the other kind of fear in their life. Only the Wooden people are called to be fearless. They easily face any animal known and unknown bravely, because they are habitual of their living . Our Fear always keeps us warned and alarmed. It corrects our risk taking capacities. If a person has no fear, he Or she can go off the track easily. To some extent, fear can be good, but it cannot be more uncontrolled that a person forget to live.
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What is Phobia?

When the time of one’s fear lingers, it develops a permanent shelter in a person’s mind- from the Conscious to Subconscious.

After it’s permanent shelter in the person’s mind, it slowly-slowly  converts into a phobia from fear, and making the one’s life painful and traumatic. We must act on our fear immediately. In most of the cases, phobia starts developing depression and other severe mental illnesses.

For more understanding, let us take the same example of lift.

The fear of entering into lift becomes more powerful and we start fearing about it while even thinking, than it is phobia. We start developing hypotheses around it and begin to strongly believe what we think. Our subconscious mind notices it deeply and starts affecting our logical mind and we start behaving as a psychiatric patient.

Happy and joyful life is the right of the person, not the mercy of mind. Person must control their mind rather than their mind controlling them.

Person should fight their fear or phobia, which is the first step for a happy and contented life. We Mind it can easily help you to get out of your fears.

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