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Loneliness Counseling in India


How To Get Rid of Feeling Of Loneliness?

If a person is feeling lonely, remember that they are not alone. Feeling lonely doesn’t necessarily mean that they didn’t have anyone. They can have friends and family surrounded by them but still, they feel lonely.

If a person is feeling lonely, he or she should speak to therapists and counselors at Mindit to help. Mindit can help the person to feel connected with someone as well as supported by someone. By  consulting with our professional therapist, the person can experience validation – it is perfectly ok to experience this way, it’s not their fault, and our support is present for them.

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Fighting with loneliness will be a sign of mental health disorders and increases the risk of developing several psychological conditions. Suffering from any mental health disorder isn’t easy and it’s even harder moving through it alone. In case the person is lonely and feels like they have no friends and closed ones to talk to them, then they can contact Mind it professional counselors as we have verified experts at managing such issues.
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What is loneliness?

Loneliness is some feeling that everyone will experience from at one point in their lives. In fact, many people actually manage with loneliness on a daily basis, moreover, there is a social stigma on the behalf of openly admitting that being alone is better, so most people didn’t share this feeling with others. It is counted by a lack of deep and meaningful interpersonal relations in a person’s life. Most of the people may be unwilling to admit to feeling lonely, but when anyone asked them if they have a best friend or someone with whom they can discuss their feelings freely with, many people responded that they did not. This indicates that loneliness is more highly under reported in society.

How To Deal With Loneliness?

We all need to know how to deal with loneliness at one time or another. No single person is immune to feeling alone. People with everything could ever dream of having felt alone in the same direction and the person with nothing.

Loneliness also has the ability for coming upon us at any time and anywhere we could be. We can be in a place full of a crowd and feel lonely just as we could when we are the just person in a room.

Humans are social robots by nature. They long to connect with other people and they want to be loved. It’s normal to want to have someone who  a person can love in return. Knowing how to cope with loneliness is not straightforward, but there’s much the person can do to regain that feeling of worth and belongings. There are powerful methods which a person can deal with loneliness, and professional help is available if anyone need.

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Knowing what can affect the mental human being may help the person to recognize the feelings that they are experiencing and allow them to think of the measures that they can take to care for themselves. This is the ideal platform for starting. Even though it’s tough, and sometimes there may not even be a goal, it is a good idea for thinking about what is building a person’s loneliness. It might help the person try and find a reason for feeling better.

Even though it may not be experienced that way, in case a person is feeling lonely, remember he is not alone. That feeling of loneliness would hit the person at any time in life. often unexpectedly, even though it appears as though we are all persons who are surrounded by family and friends. Whatever can be making you feel alone, Mind it is here for you to help.

However, there are some strategies our association can put into motion for helping you. Here is how to manage loneliness. 


Change Where a person Are At

One possible path to manage loneliness is to start from where a person is experiencing this emotion. If a person lives alone, for example, and feels lonely, get out of the house and can take a stroll down to the busy city sidewalk.

As the people pass by, we should try to talk with them with eye contact and an innocent smile. Most people will also smile back and this reciprocal relationship may be the antidote to the person’s loneliness.

Also, being of service to other people, for example at a food pantry and soup kitchen, can help an individual to feel useful. When the person feels useful, they will feel connected. Often a lack of human connection can cause the feeling of loneliness, so doing something useful for someone else can help a person to reduce their  loneliness.

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Change Who You Are Around

There will be times when the people around the person just can’t seem to relate to each other. This causes problems for many people, especially at social events and gatherings. They could be standing amongst a group of people that they just can’t seem to click with.

They stand there just nodding their person’s head with a blank stare on their face because a person can’t relate and connect with them. This can cause the person to feel lonely. When this kind of situation happens, a person should politely withdraw himself and seek another person and group to become involved with it.

Switch Your Perspective

Factually speaking, life of being alone is all in mind. Again, loneliness is an emotion, it is not an object outside of the person. Therefore, it becomes possible to change it by changing the perception of how the person is viewing loneliness.

One path to do that is to recommend that other people are facing the same thing at the same moment they are. Looking through the loneliness towards another’s will ground the person and help them to feel more human because now the loneliness of a person becomes a shared experience.

Take Relational Risks

Loneliness is all related to a person and their perception of loneliness. But part of that perception is also relates, how the person sees their relational abilities. That is, if they believe  they can’t relate to others and them to a person, then a person just isolated themselves from connecting with anyone.

Everyone has few things  common with someone else that will help them to make a connection with them. There is someone in the world somewhere that a person can connect with and them with him. And the path to search that connection is to let go of their faulty perception of loneliness and take a risk in readying themselves to find that person can connect with.

 Accept That Loneliness Is Normal

40% of people are experiencing loneliness at some point in time. That number can seem high after all, the internet and social networking, which makes it simpler than ever for making connections. But loneliness is subjective. It’s possible to feel alone even if the person has a significant other, children and friends.

Therefore, if the person is looking for an answer on the best way to treat loneliness in their life, simply realize there are numerous feelings along the exact same path. This regular emotion is one which is virtually experienced by everyone at some point, and it’s something which is possible to overcome.

Recognizing The Fear Of living Alone 

Loneliness could be felt. Studies reveal that living alone can cause the person to feel colder than those around them, which can also increase their cholesterol and blood pressure. This can even stop their immune system from functioning better than before. It can also interrupt their sleep. Since loneliness puts the body on ‘high alert,’ it can make the person more prone to sleeping disorders, like insomnia. 

Insomnia and the lack of true rest can be a consequence of loneliness. It impacts self-destructive habits. Drug abuse, drinking, gambling habits and other self-destructive actions have all been related to loneliness. It can also be significant for avoiding suicide prevention. If a person are struggling with ideas of suicide, they can contact with Mindit.

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Seek Help

Consulting with our mental health professional is among the easiest actions a person can take if they are trying to conquer loneliness and the underlying issues that may cause it. Other disorders surrounding their loneliness may be addressed too. For example, if a person has recently lost a relative and close friend, he could be experiencing both loneliness and grief. Consulting with our experienced practitioner to help them through the healing procedure which can make all of the difference.

Sometimes, a person may even feel lonely due to their living situation. Military members who are deployed and their spouses are separated from family and friends often face a feeling of loneliness. They may struggle with meeting new people. If they are in an area where they have few resources, emotional health and seeking professional help could become hopeless. It can be the same for people suffering from depression. In situations such as this, Mindit can be beneficial.

Our association is exceptional because our counseling is through an online platform which a person could get from anywhere they are feeling comfortable. And lots of men and women search us a lot more conveniently and economically than in person counseling.


Loneliness can also build us to pull away from our relationships, even if we need them the most. By nurturing the connections the person currently has, he Or she can set himself and herself on a route to getting rid of loneliness. When the people a person once loved or related to feel remote, it can be hard to take the first step towards fortifying these bonds. These are some ideas for connecting again:

  • Invite someone outside at lunch.
  • Starting up discussions with neighbors when a person can.
  • Using social media platforms  for reconnecting with those they have lost touches with due to time and distance.
  • Join a club and group with interests a person shares.

Practicing Positive Self-Talk

The person may be asking what self-talk must do with loneliness, but the two go hand-in-hand. When they are feeling lonely, and they also begin to think something like, about themselves that they hate their life, nobody would go to spend time with me,” They are adding themselves to loneliness. Now they are not just missing social relationships but also taking a beating for their self-esteem.

The procedure for positive self discussion takes practice, but it can be a part of a simple cure for loneliness. In case they choose to take our online treatment, then they will learn all about these positive self discussion techniques. It’s a good path for fighting negative feelings, and it can considerably improve their life.

Finding a Pastime

Boredom adds weight to loneliness. If a person is already struggling with feelings of loneliness and social isolation, then the solution isn’t watching TV by themselves every evening. Instead, they are finding some hobby for occupying their time. Be certain that the opportunity has some social aspects to it. For example, clicking pictures in the park and joining a debate team are both excellent options. Take some time for exploring various hobbies options and getting out there.

Focus on Happiness

The person’s level of happiness rests in his hands. If they feel unhappy, take proactive action for correcting this state of being. Focused to participating in enjoyable activities. Spend time with their friends and family.

Join and participate in new social togetherness, and in so doing expand the circle of friends. Take a night class. Join with a local church, faith community and community center. Spend more time engaging in the activities and hobbies the person’s love. Listen to their favorite music; familiar sounds can automatically affect their emotional state and mood.

Focus on those things which make them happy, not on the things, people and places which don’t. Always remember that it is the person who really manages the person’s level of personal happiness.

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Are the person  thankful for the things they have and the people in their life? Stop and take a moment each day to see the attitude of gratitude. What are they thankful for today? Jot down at minimum one thing each day in a notebook and journal. By getting to know what they are grateful for, they will focus less on the things in their life that makes them least happy about.

 Seek Like-Minded Others

Join a gym and take workout classes. Exercising is not only good for our physical health, but it improves our emotional health, too. At the time of physical activity, endorphins are released out the body, which have been proven for enhancing mood and our overall mental and emotional health.

Seeking to  join groups of like minded people. Within almost any city, the person will find organized groups of people who meet to discuss their  interests, hobbies and activities. No matter their interest, whether it be reading and writing, arts and crafts, collecting and sports, they can connect with others in their geographic area who share these same interests.

Serve Others

This is mostly the  best method to banish loneliness. Give of yourself by volunteering with organizations and causes that matter to us. In helping and supporting others a person always enhances their own feelings of connections. A person may even build  lifelong connections from their involvement in their selected organization, cause and group.


Pets and  Plants

Pets and plants bring true enjoyment into the lives of individuals. If they like to enjoy the outdoors and get their hands a bit dirty, focus their attention on caring for a vegetable and fruit gardens or planting and caring for difficult plants. Focus on awareness  about and nurturing something other than themself, and enjoy the fruits of their plantation by watching them growing and thriving. Connect with those people who also share their interests.

If the person  has the facilities and feels equipped to care for an animal, recommend  adopting a cat and  dog or other pets. Pets bring a sense of satisfaction from caring for them and companionship, too.

Whether the  feelings of loneliness are new or longstanding, the person  has the power to do something about them. With focus and a little courage he or she  can regain management  of their life, removing or reducing their  feelings of loneliness.

Dealing with Loneliness

When people are lonely, they  feel a highest deal of emptiness, along with a scarcity of direction and meaningfulness in their daily life. They can also feel somewhat helpless and trapped in their situation. They  may begin to blame the world for being unfair and think they always had bad luck, bad karma and a scarcity of money is occuring  their loneliness. They  may not know how to manage with loneliness and may feel lost.

They may feel like they are taking a love test that cannot possibly pass for them. They  feel worse off than other people  and don’t realize that it is their own  attitude and not their circumstances that builds their  own destiny and feelings of happiness.

Lastly, loneliness can destroy emotional health. Since it’s increase causes depression. One of the most common signs of depression is no more wishing to do things that are used to enjoy which includes spending time with their pals. If a person thinks that their feelings of loneliness may be a small part of a bigger problem, they should seek help from our association as we have specialized counsellors in treating loneliness and mental health professionals.

Most of the individuals successfully conquer feelings of loneliness at the stage of treatment, and those who have filled up for online therapy at Mind it find it a valuable platform for reducing their loneliness. Our therapy sessions tell people to change their way they look at things and open up to new possibilities. Some also take advantage of antidepressants and other medicines which are prescribed by our professional psychologist to cure symptoms related to depression. Irrespective of whether or not a person is a good candidate for medicine or a mode of therapy that works best for them personally, it is important to seek treatment when the person is feeling low . They are not alone in this battle, we Mindit with them.

How to get rid of loneliness is all a matter of perceptions and how the person thinks and reacts to loneliness. Every human being faces this emotion at some point in their lives. It cannot be avoided because it is a part of human lives. But what the person does with it, or reacts to it, is what will make all the difference in the world for how their life will be affected by it. The choice is completely dependent on the person making it.

Why Choose Us?

Suffering from loneliness, don’t know what to do? We are with you. In today’s modern era, most people are lonely because of a lack of social activities because of their tight working schedules and long working duration. So what is the effective solution? Go online and start meeting with new remarkable people!

Whenever a person experiences loneliness and depression, the idea of getting out and asking for help can seem to be pointless. Who can help if there’s no one around? But remember – help is present. The person can reach out to Mind it online therapist today without even leaving their house. Our therapists are present online to speak to you at any time and you can also select many different therapies and therapist options are given. Don’t wait to contact a therapist if you’re in more stress. Our association has compassionate professionals who are happy to help people with their loneliness and any other struggles they might face. Talk to our therapists and see how they can help you in your situation.