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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

According to Marriage Counseling in India, problems in marriage are increasing day by day and lead to a rise in divorce rates in our society. Marriage issues are seriously irritating our social balance and the entire concept of the “Orbit of Life”. The orbit of life means the sphere of influence. When we are unmarried,we are under self-orbit and can enjoy everything according to ourselves. But, after marriage, we share our things and orbit with our partner. As we know, Marriage is a relationship where two persons are knoted to be one for each other. It’s same as a fascinating flight journey, where we are enjoy to fly but we are afraid of the turbulence. We fear with the things because we are not able to handle the turbulence.
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Moreover, everybody is not afraid of the same situation as many couples have very good understanding between them, but we have more reasons for it. Do you know the reasons? Researchers done study on human psychology and behaviour and found that the scale of every individiual is different to each other. Some people can have ability to control their fears and emotions easily and move one in their lives,whereas some people’s have habit of creep around the issue and create their lives more disturbing than the issuse. The is no difference between marriage and marital conflicts. Further moving more about marital conflicts,we have to understand the various types of marriage. Basically, marriages are of two types:

Arrange Marriage

Arrange marriage is the most common type of relationship occured especially in India from Ancient Period. Here, a person have hardly a sufficient period of time to knowing and understanding their partner and can only be judged his or her according to their talking, behaving, dressing sense and way of managing things. And, according to that little knowledge, we are knotted into a long-term relationship, which can turn out to be good or worse, it totally dependent on our future and luck .
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Love Marriage

Love marriage is the second marriage option which are generally followed by abroad residents even in ancient time but now it is followed by most of thr couples, in love relationship we spend a long time with each other and get to knowing and understanding the person more. But, only to an extent. The main hindrances of this are:

• Some People show artificial faces of their to each other.
• The upcoming Situations and conditions during a love relationship can be change after marriage.
• The issue of sharing the orbit of life is still there.

So, no matter where you are in an arrange or love marriage, most marriages fail because couples start focusing on the mistakes of each other which leads to create more misunderstanding and the couples cannot able to find their inner beauty.

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Lack of Transparency

We focus least on the importance of transparency and hide issues from each other which impacts our relationship badly.

Lack of Faith

Having no faith in our partner and losing our faith in him or her leads to other issues such as misunderstanding, problems in our sexual relations, past and current matters.


If we as human beings understand that anyone can make mistakes at any time,as we all are humans. But instead of understanding each other we blamed our partner and did not try to improve the situation. Fact is this:- We are humans and it’s genuine if we make mistakes. We make mistakes because we are humans. This is the reason, we need a marriage counsellor and psychotherapist which nowadays, become very crucial in mending the damage. When we watch things from another’s perspective, we know get to know what is important for ourselves a separation or a happy married life. Because Divorce is only the result of misunderstanding and selfish thinking.