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As per Motivation Therapies in India, Goals are the important factors of human life and for which a person should have good motivation level.

Goals serve the direction that a person needs to reach their destination, the motivation for sustaining themselves on their trip, and a path to measure their progress. The best path to get results is for planning for the future, but live single day at a time. Think about the future.

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What causes lack of motivation?

These are some common reasons for a scarcity of motivation:-

 Avoidance of discomfort

As per Motivation Therapies in India, Whether the person doesn’t want to feel bored when doing a mundane task, or they are trying to ignore feelings of frustration by dodging a difficult challenge, sometimes a scarcity of motivation stemming from a desire for reducing the uncomfortable feelings and Self-doubt.

What are the advantages of self motivation?

  • Self-motivation provides the vision.
  • It helps the person to overcome petty indecisiveness.
  • It helps the person to overcome negative influences in life.
  • It makes the person more positive and open.
  • It provides the person more strength to take on challenges.

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