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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

As per the study of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Counseling in India, the data from the University of Arkansas finds that, the addiction for over mobile usage is itself an Obsessive compulsive disorder disease. This addiction can lead to various other OCD diseases. For e.g. Phantom Vibration Syndrome, it is a disease in which an individual feels that his mobile is vibrating even if it is off or isn’t vibrant.


Approximately 55% of employers and managers believe smartphone addiction is one of the biggest damage of productivity at the workplace. More than one employee uses his mobile phone, the harder it gets for him to pay attention in his workplace.

Attention Spans:

When a person uses his/her mobile continuously, it increases the chances that the person will definitely use his/her mobile for passing their precious time. Last, he/she completely gives his/her most of the time with a mobile phone and less with work.


According to a report, in 2010 India reported 1.3 lakh deaths per year are caused due to excess usage of mobile phones, which is only the 10% part of all road accidents. The most common reasons behind such accidents are:-

  • Sending and reading text messages on the road. 
  • Reading directions from a cell GPS on bike and cycle. 
  • Making calls while driving. 
  • Checking notifications. 
  • Talking on your phone

As per Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Counseling in India, the Treatment for Mobile phone addiction are:-


Initially, a person can check out some habits and rules for getting rid from such problems like:-

Make rules for not using  the phone: Set a period of time in which a person will not use their phone according to their choices.

  • Make rules for not using  the phone: Set a period of time in which a person will not use their phone according to their choices. 
  • Involvement in activities in which a person can’t use their phone like playing outdoors, swimming and painting etc.
  • Set a Schedule break time for accessing the phone and social media.
  • Activate an application in the mobile phones which can warn the person about the usage time.
  • Start wearing a watch to check the time, instead of a mobile phone. 

Types of Therapies

  1. Mobile Addiction Counselling: If the above-discussed habits don’t allow the person to get rid from cell phone use, then they are surely facing severe  addiction from smartphones. They should definitely talk to the best counsellor here. The counsellor will offer the person with several types of therapies for getting rid of this addiction.
  2. Individual Therapy: In this therapy, the therapist will work with the person to identify any underlying problems and reoccurring mental disorders which would be affecting cell phone usage.
  3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This therapy focuses on changing the person’s manipulative thoughts, his/her feelings and behavior into positive behavior and thoughts.
  4. Motivational Interviewing: In this therapy, the Physcraist will give the person some of the tasks like playing games, performing certain exercises and some other tasks which don’t need the use of mobile phones.