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As per Phone Addiction Counseling in India, You all get surprised, if you know that the average population of India spends 1800 hours a year on their smartphones and laptops. These hours are nearly one-third of the waking hours of a person. The result of more addiction to the internet, smartphones and television is in such a way in which 30 per cent less people meet their family and loved ones more than one time in a month. In the current Era, nothing is cheap but the mobile internet is getting cheaper, the period of hours which people spend on their mobile phones are increasing day by day. Nearly 45 crores users are using the internet in India, and the strength is still going to increase.
However, there is no problem in the number of people who are increasing in the use of smartphones and the internet, but the problem is present in the usage pattern of phones. The benefits of technology are amazing but we cannot ignore the negative consequences that are always forgotten by us. Smartphone addiction is a matter of things which now needs to be addressed. People of all the age groups are now starting to use mobile phones for watching cartoon videos, movies, whatsapp chatting, internet surfing, using social media, gaming, studying and others. No matter what the reason is, extra usage of mobile phones can have serious effects on the person’s health mentally, physically as well as socially.
The problem of mobile addiction is often called behavioural addiction which is similar to just other addictions like eating, shopping, gambling, gaming, working and the internet. In today’s time, it is easy to get easy access to mobile phones. You can easily turn it around and see that children of approximately 3-4 years of age are using their parents’ mobiles for watching videos and playing games. If you are still not convinced about the addiction of mobile phone, then we consider these facts for your knowledge:-

Status of Phone Addiction

  • As per Phone Addiction Counseling in India, Around 71% of people place their mobile phones by their sides during sleep. 
  • Nearly 35% of people think about their smartphones after waking and even using them, and only 10% of people think about other things. 
  • Approximately 44% of people from 18 to 24 years old fall asleep with their mobile phones  in their hands.
  • Approximately 40% of people don’t disconnect with their smartphones, even when they are on and off.

How to get to know if a person is having a smartphone/mobile/internet addiction?

As per Phone Addiction Counseling in India, Almost 4 of the below discussed signs and symptoms are taken for meeting the criteria of mobile addiction.

  • An urge for using the cell phone more and more often for gaining the same desired effect.
  • People use their phones, even when they are with their friends and family.
  • After waking up, the first thought comes to the mind of the person checking their phone.
  • People start using their phones randomly.
  • People start checking their phones for watching time. 
  • People Start using their mobile phones at the time of the instance of anxiety and depression. 
  • People put their  relationships and jobs at risk because of the excessive use of cell phones.
  • If people become Aggressive, facing tension and frustration during the low battery and weak network on mobile are seriously addicted to the phones.

Eye Problems

How does mobile and internet addiction affect the person?


Over usage of mobile phones can result in various physical problems which can cause for long time Or even permanently damage to a individual and are difficult to cure such as:

As you know, the human eye is the important organ which is employed by using these devices. Eyes suffer from many issues:

o        Feeling Pain and discomfort while using the digital screen for more than two hours.

o        Feel Itching and burning sensation in eyes. 

o        Blurred vision. 

o        Fatigue in eyes. 

o        Feeling Headache while spending more time on these devices. 


Neck Problems

As per Phone Addiction Counseling in India, Looking continuously on the phone for a very long time can cause fatigue,pain and stiffness in the neck. This problem can also named by Text Neck.


A mobile screen has approximately the same amount of bacteria present as on the toilet seat. These germs cause many illnesses to childrens.

o        Coli bacteria is present on the mobile phone which is also responsible for the cause of fever, vomiting, and bacteria. 

o        Phones have the contamination of MRSA, a strainful bacteria. 

o        MRSA bacteria causes painful abscesses. 

o        Phones can also lead to life-threatening infections in bones,injuries in joints, surgical wounds, bloodstreams, heart valves and lungs.


Psychological effects of mobile phones on a person are not initially seen but it can affect the person’s health in the long term.

Sleeping Problems

o        Smartphone addiction leads to sleeping disorders and fatigue in users.

o        Using mobile phones before going to bed increases the chances of insomnia. 

o        The over brightness of the mobile screen decreases the sleep quality of a person.

o        Mobile phones also increase the period of time a person takes to fall asleep.