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Relationship Issue

Relationship Issue

As per Relationship Issues Counseling in India, Contrary to popular beliefs, Relationships are not the last point of a person’s journey. Instead of it, relations are a new journey in itself and same as any other journey which has ever taken by anyone, it has also the same ups and downs. It is mostly our perception, acceptance and patience which described that, how the relationship journey’s ups and downs are affecting the person. We all are being in relationship somewhere in our life. While in any relationship, we are enjoying the happiness and love between us and our partner, while at other periods of time we are burdened and tired. The simple advice for not getting burdened too much is to focus on happiness and enjoyment which helps us to work outwards positively from within the burdens. But we know it is easier to say than doing, right? We all know that these burdens lead to bring out the worst in us, it can even become a cause of conflicts in our relationships.
From a psychological study, the Psychologist explains that we will try to talk about the main reasons for said conflicts. Beyond this, for a healthy relationship we need to be Continuously healthy, we have to follow these two-step theories.

First-Step Theory

The first step – Any conflict in a relationship begins most probably at the time, when we start holding the smaller things in life inside us. Absorbing issues but not expressing and trying them to let go by focusing on a positive and corrective action. At some point and other times we reached our limits of holding back and absorbing issues and matters. When we cross those limits it is the same, when we explode and internally shatter. The outbursts of explosions confuse our partner and, because of that, they led to focusing on the outburst or explosion and neglect everything which led us to that point. This is the common point where the conflicts began. The main thing is, we are required to analyse and understand which can be holding us back in a relationship while waiting for the right time to express ourselves is the wrong direction to go about it. Between our partner and us each period of conversation is the right period for bringing things up and to let things down. This cannot only be done just for personal relationships, instead of this, it is a part of every relationship which one develops throughout their lives with their friends, office colleagues and spouse etc.

Second-Step Theory

The second step –

A few more relatable but equally essential is that we are required to be able to avoid Ego related matters. Ego is common in relationships and is known for making people stubborn, unresponsive to each other, drawn back and  aggressive. 

We all are usually smart enough to figure out how and when to avoid Ego. But we all faced some of the parts of a relationship where we slip and cause us to be unable to be considerate enough. 

Please do understand and analyse, when being considerate, when we are not falling ourselves down to the requirements of our partners we are only trying to be with them.

By the use of the above theory and the steps described therein, we can easily know where we have a much healthier and wholesome relationship.


Let’s discuss one of the well-known examples from our Indian heritage from the life of Guru Dronacharya . One day, Guru Dronacharya decided to bring a cow for his children and for that he promised his wife for the same and left for friend Drupada. 

Drupada, his friend, unfortunately refused to give his cow to him and Guru Dronacharya got his Ego up and decided to stay and defeat his friend Drupada and finally bring his cow to the home.


In his Ego, he lost the period where he had to spend time with his family. He lost the period where he had to see his children grow up and he also lost the many beautiful moments of his marital relationship with his wife.


Why did he do so? Because he didn’t follow the earlier discussed two step theories and the steps discussed in the therein. 


The charge for suffering is always greater than the charge for not letting the Ego get in the direction and the charge for holding back until the point of outburst merged.

Follow these theories with the two discussed steps and try to develop your relationship hearty and more reliable.


Child and Adolescents by Relationship Issues Counseling in India

When a Child comes in the teenage period, the parents become extra cautious for them. As, this is the age where a person is trying  to describe themselves. Teenage life has always been considered as a sensitive period in the orbit of life. 

Teenagers consider themselves from all bonding and family restrictions. Current situation makes us remember the famous phrase i.e,“Speed thrills but Kills.”


But, did you know the reasons for this behavioural shift?

Teenagers nowadays undergo several changes; some adolescents come with age but there are few adolescents who come with the curse of the society. 

Let’s discuss some factors which primarily affects teenagers are:


Bullying and Peer Pressure by Relationship Issues Counseling in India

Bullying and peer pressure can be seen as very simple words, but they both are hitted anyone very deeply. Both issues begins from any small reason, which further move up to very high risk, similar to an atomic reaction. If we want to categorised, these can be defined into the following three categories.


a) Emotional 

b) Verbal 

c) Physical 


So, is it something which has begun now? No, it began from the period of Mahabharata.If you read and watch Mahabharat we remember the scene where Ashwatthama’s mother put rice water on his mouth, because he wanted to show in front of his friends that he also drank milk. Did You know why she did this? She did this to safeguard her son from bullying and peer pressure as it deeply hurts a person.


According to researchers the data says, the occurrence of bullying and peer pressure among teenagers is very high rather than the other peoples but they hide it from their parents. Some of consequences even moving up to the porn and child abuse. 

This becomes a opportunity for the opportunists for taking benefits of such situation. Many teenagers led to fail in coping with the depression, trauma and phobia which is the reason of Commiting suicide. Moreover, the proper counselling and therapy can overcome the child from depression. 


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Biological Changes by Relationship Issues Counseling in India

Teenage period brings numerous changes in our mind, body, behaviour and emotion throughout the process. They even do not discuss their point of view with their parents, but few teenagers hardly discuss some of the things with their loved ones in the family. 

They usually try to resolve their issues among their group of friends. They may also use the Internet regarding their issues and concerns which gather incomplete facts. Out of curiosity, they began exploring the changes of their own, which can charge them highly in so many ways.

Change of Life Orbit by Relationship Issues Counseling in India

As per Relationship Issues Counseling in India, Teenage is a major and most popular turning point in the life of every person. During teenage, individuals develop new orbits of their lives, where they can start making new friends. Both genders, boys and girls, want to enter in a relationship. 

They can easily get influenced by their friends or partners and follow their advices more than they follow their parent’s advice. The energy of an individual becomes arrogant. Similarly, the adolescents are also suffered from the most crucial time of their lives.

It required proper advisories and understanding for our teenagers and adolescents to being as a winner in life. 


This is the path where we can take help from our counsellors for helping our parents and schools to nurture the immense energies and potential which captured the teenagers and minors in a positive way.