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Sleep Disorder Counseling in India

As per Sleep Disorder Counseling in India,Sleeping disorders are the situations in which a person is not able to get enough sleep if he or she is sleeping for 7 hours  which can affect their ability for relaxing well and causing them to experience tiredness throughout the day. Some of the common sleep disorders are sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome or RLS, insomnia and sleep narcolepsy. These conditions can occur due to jet lag and shift work.

  • The person is facing trouble sleeping.
  • Even though a person slept at least seven hours last night, they even feel tired.
  • The person is unable to perform daily activities because of his  diminished and impaired abilities.

Most people experienced sleep disorders because of high stress, busy routine and other external influences. If these problems become more frequent and disrupt their daily routine, then they can face a sleeping disorder.

People can face difficulty in falling asleep, feeling tired throughout the day and more causes depending upon the one’s sleeping disorder conditions. A lack of sleep can highly affect the person’s energy focus, mood, full body health and overall human-being.

Sometimes, sleeping disorders can be a symptom of another mental disorder and medical condition. If the person is suffering from the root cause, he or she can face problems of not getting enough sleep and sleeping disorders. If he or she suspects that an individual may have sleeping problems, it is important for them to get a test for diagnosis immediately and also go for Sleep Disorders Counselling. As if a person is ignored and left untreated, it can also cause serious health issues. Mindit have the most certified, experienced and knowledgeable psychologists and therapists. Our association has been helping many people to get rid from such types of bad sleeping habits. If anyone needs better counselling then they can give us a call today and book their session.

Types of Sleeping Disorder

  • Insomnia- Insomnia is a type of disorder where a person is unable to fall asleep and stay asleep. It can happen due to jet lag, over stress, anxiety, hormone imbalances and digestive problems. Insomnia can be a problem for the overall health of a person, their quality of routine and well-being.

    •         Depression. 
    •         Difficulty concentrating. 
    •         Irritation. 
    •         Weight Gain. 
    •         School performance and work which is impaired. 

    We will perform cognitive behavior therapies, sleep restriction, stimulus management and relaxation techniques plus medication for treating insomnia.

  • Restless Leg Syndrome- Restless leg syndrome or RLS, is an overwhelming desire of a person to move his legs while they are resting. Sometimes, these types of urges are accompanied by tingling sensations in the legs of an individual. These symptoms can be faced at any time during the day but they have chances at night. RLS can be associated with several conditions like the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD and Parkinson’s disorders. Moreover, the Occurrences of these conditions are not always clear. The counselor uses behavioral therapy for its RLS treatment. 

  • Sleep Apnea- Obstructive sleep apnea is a common disorder but it is more serious then sleeping disorder, as it is very common and can happen to anyone. But in sleep apnea, the person is not able to take proper breathing if his or her airway becomes blocked multiple times. They might develop loud snoring and generate choking sounds when this happens to them. The brain and body are starved of oxygen, which disallows a person to wake up. Most probably,this will happen only once and twice per night. In several cases, this can happen hundreds of times each night. Sleeping disorder counseling is the best solution to this problem.

  • Narcolepsy- Narcolepsy is determined by “sleeping attacks’ ‘, which is caused while a person is awake.  The person will feel Lethargic  suddenly and later fall asleep completely. People with narcolepsy are not able to properly continue their sleep waking cycle.

Therapy for Sleeping Disorders

Sleep Disorder Counseling in India is an effective way for improving the sleep quality of an individual. The therapies, which we are going to give our patients are not based on sleeping medicines, instead they are natural therapies and help the person to understand their sleeping patterns and work with the aim of improving them.

  • SRT or Sleep restriction Therapy: This therapy reduces the time, which a person spends in bed, through eliminating their naps and forcing their body to wake up earlier than before. This can help in the cases of insomnia. This  technique of sleep deprivation not only balances a person to feel more tired the next night but also builds a stronger relationship between bed and sleeping than a bed and being getup.
  • Control therapy: This therapy helps the person to analyse and correct their worse sleep habits. This includes training the person with the use of their bedroom only for sleep and not for working something and watching TV. It also means that the person will be required to analyse a consistent sleep wake duration even on weekends.
  • Improve the sleep environment and hygiene: The sleeping environment of an individual should be quiet as well calm, peaceful and comfortable. The therapy given by counselors for sleeping  disorders are blackout shades and earplugs for blocking out any noise. The person can improve their sleeping hygiene by doing exercises and avoiding the consumption of coffee at both timings day and night.
  • Relaxation training: continuous practice of relaxation techniques is the best way to treat such conditions. Let’s discuss some relaxation methods for treating these conditions such as mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and breathing exercises that can help the person to take relaxation at night. The person will get relief from their tension and anxiety and prepare themselves for relaxing sleep.
  • Hypnosis: CBT can sometimes be used by therapists for treating sleep disorders. The therapist is using different therapeutic techniques for assisting the person in changing negative thinking and bad habits when a person is deeply relaxed. This is how they can take and promote restful sleep for themselves and help them to get rid of any lingering stress.
  • Personal therapy: These therapy works on understanding the problem of a person by own and identifying their emotional concerns and finding right solutions. This therapy will give personalized assistance for helping the person to improve their sleeping patterns.
  • Control: Many people perform things which are stimulating at the duration when a person sleeps, like if they are watching TV or movies. This method will help the person to relax before they arrive to sleep and helps to controlling distractions.

Other Therapies by Sleep Disorder Counseling in India

As per Sleep Disorder Counseling in India, These therapies have a range of treatments which can be used for improving the day routine and mental lifestyle of a person. The person can be guided imagery, yoga and hypnosis.

Cognitive behavior therapy: CBT therapy challenges the person to feel and think differently and makes it possible for them to deal with their own problems. If they do not sleep, the bad thoughts will come in their minds repeatedly and make it worse for them. This therapy will challenge their thinking and serve insight into the conditions.


Mindfulness Meditation: This technique prepares the person to focus on their breath and understand their current moment. This technique can help the person to improve their focus and lead a healthier routine.

Therapy for Sleeping Disorders are very effective for the persons who are suffering with sleep disorders. There are many methods available for those persons, who face difficulty in sleeping and cannot sleep well. The person can talk with our counsellor for help  to understand their issues and gain positive growth. Mindit gives the most personalized treatment based on the needs of the person. The person will see the positive growth in themselves through the therapies and wellbeing which will help them not only get rid of their sleep issues but also lead  to a happy and healthy routine.