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Strees Counseling in India

As per Strees Counseling in India, Stress is a very small word, but a very powerful word for dying someone. Everyone in the current era is facing a lot of stress. Even a small child faced stress only for the simple reason, like if his/her mother asked her/him to drink milk. Coming back to the main point; the stress in human lives is increasing day-by-day. So, first we are discussing, what is Stress? Stress is not something good which a person desires or needs, like we all need food, water and air etc. But stress easily comes under its influence.
The reason which allows it to happen is a human mind. We humans offer it a permanent shelter in our life, because we allow our mind to think negative words from the people. We are all thinking and rethinking about negative words and doing this practice several times causes stress. If we make our mind strong and refuse to accept such things, then there would be no stress. Nowadays, our fear of stress has become very intense. Our fear of stress becomes an opportunity for our rivals to use our situations for their own wants.
So, it’s necessary that we first understand that the cause of our stress is our activity of dealing with negative things, criticism and fear of the unknown. If we accept all these things, we surely lose our focus which increases frustration and makes us short-tempered, weak and depressed. Out of all the reasons, a few prominent reasons are, work burden, increasing growth and family status. We humans have physiology that we care a lot about by products only without even realising our main goals.

As per As per Strees Counseling in India, Our Work is something which celebrates us. If we do not get our desired output, then there must be anything wrong done by us with the method. However, we have to analyse the used method, but instead of it we delve deep into the output only which doubts us more about our work and gives us stress.In any situation, we have to check where we made a mistake, not about what we did wrong. 

The ending result of the stress is always failure. Let’s see how.


•  Stress allows us to take tension.

• Any tension is very beneficial if you want to distract yourself from your target

• And when you distract yourself, you face failure.

• After failure, you get stressed a lot which makes your situation worse.



Here, We are going to discuss a great example of Mahabharata.


Arjun took an oath  that he would defeat the Jayadratha until sunset the other day. Next day, when he began to fight, he faced a lot of stress every time, because he was only looking at the sun. Doing it continuously, he was getting distracted from his main goal frequently. Lord Krishna advised Arjuna by saying that he must not focus on the sun as the sun would take its actual time to set , rather he has to focus on his target. If Lord Krishna would not have told him his right motive at the right time, then Arjuna never would have succeeded.